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Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko / Kommersant

Roskoshestvo conducted a study of marinated pork kebab. A copy of the results is in the possession “of the”.

In the study, the experts examined the skewers 24 the most popular brands from Moscow, Mordovia, Stavropol territory, the Belgorod, Vologda, Kirov, Kursk, Moscow, Pskov, Smolensk and Tambov regions. The meat was evaluated for 57 parameters of quality and safety, including contamination with bacteria, antibiotics and moisture retention of phosphates. The experts also took into account the quantity, freshness and the proportion of meat and marinade in the finished skewers.

The study was best recognized brand “HEAT the MEAT”, “Miratorg”, “Remit” and “Ostankino”. According to experts, they can qualify for the state quality mark. “In particular, the brand of barbecue made from high quality meat, they are not even residual traces of antibiotics, and preservatives — benzoic and sorbic acids and locks coloring, flavor enhancers and flavor, as well as thickeners”, — stated in the study.

Some study participants made serious violations. So, the barbecue brands “Wellcome”, “Myasnov”, “Ramfud”, “Word butcher” and “Cherkizovo” was discovered coliform bacteria in the meat under the brand Dmitrogorsky product and malakhovskiy were found Listeria, and in products under the brands of “snow country”, “Ismail”, “daily”, “Carousel”, “Myasnov” and “Your house” was recorded exceeding the total number of bacteria. Finally, at the barbecue, “Your house”, “Every day” and “Ramfud” inspectors found too many antibiotics. In 18 samples, they were not at all.

“The price when choosing a barbecue is also better not to focus. One of the leaders of the rating — barbecue Globus, received in the course of the study 4.95 of 5 points, was the cheapest. And the most expensive “FRESH” was only in the middle of the ranking,” reads the study.

This is the second test of barbecue experts Roskoshestvo in recent months. In late April, experts have not found a single “ideal model” because manufacturers used stale meat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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