Named the new mortal danger of tobacco smoke


Photo: Dmitry Korotaev / Kommersant

Scientists from the University of York (UK) found that passive Smoking significantly increases the risk of miscarriages and fetal malformations in pregnant women. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

The researchers analyzed data about pregnancy more than 37 thousand women gathered in 2008-2013, in developing countries such as Pakistan, Armenia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Nepal. The specialists also determined the degree of passive Smoking, which is subjected to the participants of the study. More than 50 percent of women reported that they had during pregnancy to inhale tobacco smoke at home. According to scientists, the only one in Indonesia that led to 10 thousand abortions a year.

In Pakistan only one percent of miscarriages are associated with active Smoking, while seven percent (17 of thousands of abortions per year) — with passive. In Nigeria the latter figure equal to one percent, and in Indonesia to 14 percent. In five of the 30 countries the exposure to secondhand smoke occurs two times more often than primary (from smouldering cigarettes).

According to scientists, because the data were obtained in the result of the survey, the results based on them may underestimate the real situation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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