Russia will send to the ISS two Cyperaceae Fedorov


Photo: Alexander Ovcharov / RIA Novosti

A team of two robots “Fedor” is proposed to send to the ISS in August 2019. This is reported RIA Novosti citing a source in the space industry.

“Discusses the idea of using the unmanned launch of the Soyuz spacecraft for a test flight robot “Fedora” in the space. And, offered as a flight of one and two robots at once,” — said the Agency interlocutor, adding that the androids will not participate in the management of the ship, and passengers will be commenting on what is happening in flight.

According to the source, the idea was to pre-approval in the management of Roskosmos and received the unofficial title of “Cyperaceae”. So it was called, because the robots for the first time will fly to the ISS as crew members and not as cargo.

Fedor (FEDOR — Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is a robot that has become the first pilot of the new Russian spacecraft “Federation”. Of the latest achievements are the fact that Android has learned to do the splits, and also mastered precise movements, thanks to which it can work in the warehouse. Originally it was developed by order of the MOE as the rescue robot, but later they became interested in the Russian space Agency.

Video: Russian innovations / YouTube

Video, photo All from Russia.


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