Showed up wanting to drink a mysterious black liquid from the sarcophagus


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Online began collecting signatures under the demand to allow people to drink red liquid from an ancient sarcophagus that was found in Egypt. This publication reports the Metro.

Tomb of black granite, sealed thousands of years ago, was discovered in early July during excavations in Alexandria. 19 Jul archaeologists opened the sarcophagus. Under the lid was a reddish liquid, in which lay three skeletons.

In response to this news Innes Mckendrick, a programmer from the UK who participated in the development of the game No Man’s Sky, created a petition on the website She called to make of a reddish liquid carbonated energy drink, people to be able to absorb its power.

According to Mckendrick, the black sarcophagus was for her a symbol of hope. “Before people have an opportunity, which they so often were deprived, to imagine a more bright and optimistic future in which ruined the earth torn to pieces and eaten by the angry Egyptian gods,” she explained to the newspaper Metro.

For 12 hours under her request was signed by more than 250 people. “I’m so glad that others have supported my petition and share my mission to bring a speedy end of all things,” said Mckendrick.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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