Spy kids forced to go undercover the terrorists and drug dealers


Photo: Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

British police and intelligence services use children as spies. Minors, including children under the age of 16, sent under cover for the operations against terrorists, criminal gangs and drug traffickers. About it writes The Guardian.

This practice came to light one of the committees of the house of lords — the upper chamber of the British Parliament. Its members are now sounding the alarm about plans to provide law enforcement greater freedom in the use of children.

They concerned, in particular, the intention to extend the time after which children spies need to undergo re-registration. Now this period is a month, it wants to increase to four months. The Committee believes that the longer the young people will participate in illegal activities under the cover, the greater the risk to their health, including the sanity.

As it turned out, the children not only convey the security forces are seen, but specifically trying to unearth the right data. They may not be able to perform the task in the allotted month period, and therefore the question was raised about the extension of the reporting period.

At the same time, a former COP who worked undercover, pointed out that such actions endanger the lives of many children. For example, can suffer a minor, not related to the police and have been for some time considered to be in their gangs. “This will increase violence, because as soon as the gangsters begin to think that their ranks became more spies, ( … ) will strengthen terror,” he said.

He also noted that earlier spy kids used very rarely. Some politicians had been shocked that this could happen. But human rights activists pointed out that the deliberate recruiting of minors for police-related activities directly contrary to their interests and rights.

In March it was reported that the Secret intelligence service of UK (MI6) is going to run television commercials in order to recruit more women and ethnic minorities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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