The heir of a billionaire pedophile became a smuggler and fled to the island


Photo: Palau police

The heir of one of the founders of the DHL courier service is hiding from arrest on the island of Palau in the Pacific ocean. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

33-year-old Junior Larry Hillblom (Junior Larry Hillbroom) was accused of drug smuggling. According to investigators, a billionaire’s son hired two couriers who drove the methamphetamine from Manila to Palau — an island country 800 km East of Philippines. In 2016 he was captured during a visit in Palau. He escaped from prison, but the next day again. Police arrested him trying to leave the island.

Hillbrow was threatened with imprisonment for the term up to 50 years. In 2018 he went on to deal with the investigation and agreed to plead guilty in exchange for probation. At the end of June the court fined him 50 thousand dollars and was released under the condition he attend a rehabilitation program three times a week to take a test for drugs.

“Missed test, failure to provide a sample for analysis or attempt to replace it will be regarded as a positive result and lead to the immediate placement of a defendant in custody”, — quotes The Times of the judge.

Heir to the billionaire lasted a little over two weeks. He failed another test and fled. If caught, five years put behind bars.

Hillbrook inherited tens of millions of dollars from his father, one of the founders of DHL Larry Hillblom (Larry Hillblom). In 1980-e years the billionaire moved to the island of Saipan, adjacent to Japan in the North, Papua New Guinea in the South and the Philippines in the West. He traveled around the countries of South-East Asia and had sex with underage girls, which was looking for his assistants.

In 1983, he met 16-year-old Kajlani Kinney (Kailani Kinney), who worked in a bar in Palau. After several meetings with Hillbama the girl got pregnant and a year later gave birth to a son. The child grew up in poverty on the island in the Pacific ocean, helped the family to fish and care for chickens. The millionaire denied his paternity, however, gave the boy the money for the study, wrote the Wall Street Journal.

In 1995, the seaplane of Hillblom disappeared during a flight from Palau to one of the neighbouring Islands. The body of the founder of DHL and its pilot was never found. After his death, Kinney and three women from Vietnam, the Philippines, and one from the Pacific Islands stated that the right of inheritance. DNA tests confirmed that the father of their children was Hillblom. In 1998, the court ruled that each illegitimate child of a millionaire tipped about $ 50 million.

Wealth fell to Junior Larry Hillblom when he was 14 years old. He was sent to an expensive private school in the United States, where he became addicted to drugs. Over 20 years of riotous living as the son of a billionaire has declined.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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