The man dug up in the garden secret room and was puzzled by network users


Photo: rhysfcarter6 / Imgur

The British under the name rhyscarter6 noticed in the garden a small hole in the ground, dug it and found an underground room. The purpose of the mysterious space, he decided to ask the users of Imgur.

According to him, found room goes down almost two meters, and its width is about 120 inches. Built in 1888 house located on this plot of land is located in a small County of Suffolk in the East of England.

The guy decided to explore found the room and climbed down. There he found a large stone plug with an iron ring and a small metal button. At the base of the camera brickwork was much dirtier than the top.

During the day, the post gathered more than 150 thousand views, and netizens quickly identified that it had discovered a curious man. According to them, the British found ancient settler. “Did you find the toilet 100 years ago,” wrote in the comments.

Others warned the researcher that he could pick up a very serious disease. “As a rule, you should know where to climb. The bubonic plague can still be dug up in some parts of England and Europe. Wash your hands,” warned the expert.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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