The pensioner fought off two robbers with a pool cue


Photo: Daily Mail

A British pensioner Michael Ring (Michael Ring) was able to fend off two robbers with a billiard cue. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Two strangers tried to break into the house to the 85-year-old pensioner in August 2017, when he slept. However, Michael noticed the robbers, and between them ensued a fierce struggle. Criminals, Roderick MacDonald and Stephen Simon, beat the pensioner while he was out with a pool cue. In the fight he managed to punch the face of one of the robbers.

Michael was diagnosed with fractures to discs in the spine and ribs, and numerous bruises, cuts and a concussion. The pensioner told that the pool cue he kept on the headboard after the robbery two months ago, when the bandits robbed him 500 euros and took my wife’s jewelry.

Court of the city of Luton was sentenced MacDonald and Simon to 12 and 14 years imprisonment respectively for the attempted robbery and grievous bodily harm. The judge stated that he had “tremendous respect” for Michael.

In June the Chinese pensioner had a fight in a subway car with a woman who refused to give him a place. A pensioner with a bike came into the car around 09:20 in the morning and were looking for a place in a crowded train. Noticing the woman, he allegedly asked her to give him a place, but she refused. Then the old man began to insult her and hit her in the face.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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