The woman lost legs due to cuts while shaving


Tanya Chernookovo: page Sally Chernozhukov in Facebook

A running ulcer in the place of the cut brought the resident of the British city of Bristen to the amputation of his leg. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

43-year-old Tanya Chernozhukov (Tanya Czernozukow) cut himself when he shaved the leg. The wound became infected, and soon in place of the cut formed a scab with a width of 2.5 centimeters. The mother was advised to take him to a doctor, but the woman did not see the need.

“After a week, leg so sick that I went to the hospital, says Chernozhukov. — I was hospitalized for five days. The doctors said it was an ulcer, and prescribed me strong antibiotics.”

The treatment did not help. “For a few weeks, the whole Shin from the ankle to the knee was green and black,” says the woman. The situation worsened when the woman found diabetes. Due to his ulcer did not heal and continued to grow.

The affected space is swollen, making it difficult for the blood supply. In the result, the tissues began to die, and gangrene. “I had to keep the leg in a plastic bag — as much moisture from it flowed, says Chernozhukov. — A feeling that he was in a horror movie”.

Experts 18 months of trying to overcome the disease. She saw the pills, tried medicated creams and even licenciatario where the wound starts taking live maggots to eat dead tissue. All efforts were in vain.

After that the doctors advised Chernozhukov think about amputation. “They said that you can do without it, but the ulcer does not heal for several more years, and maybe ever,’ she recalls. — I replied, “Okay, cut””.

The amputation stopped the infection from spreading. According to the woman, the pain disappeared and life began to improve. She complains that after his illness became afraid to shave my legs, and she had to go to the waxing.

In March it was reported that 27-year-old model Rosaline Octavia, who lost his legs because of an error of the surgeon, again came to the podium. He accidentally cut an artery during surgery and covered it up. Due to the lack of blood supply gangrene and the leg had to be amputated.

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