Ukraine defeated Russia trade dispute


Photo: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

Russia won in a dispute with Ukraine in the framework of arbitration at the world trade organization (WTO) on the introduction of Kiev anti-dumping duties on imports of ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate) from Russia. This is stated in the decision on the website of the WTO.

“The introduction of anti-dumping duties on the part of Ukraine in violation of article, therefore, the authorities denied Russia’s recognition of gas prices for Russian producers of ammonium nitrate. The Ukrainian authorities have not provided adequate explanations for such decisions,” — said in a brief summary proceeding. The court of arbitration recognized the majority of requirements of Russia to Ukraine.

In the full version of the document also says that the Ukrainian authorities are inconsistent and illegally pressured private Russian company “EuroChem”. Ukraine emphasized the fact that high level the margin of dumping, which is really, as agreed arbitration, were minimal.

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine on this issue lasted from may 2015, when Russia challenged the protectionist duties. Kiev has imposed prohibitive duties on Russian deliveries, which have increased three times from 11.91 to 36.03 percent in July 2014. The Russian side insisted that Kiev had deliberately understated the market value of the gas (necessary for the production of ammonium nitrate) in Russia to introduce anti-dumping duties.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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