World coal prices predicted the collapse of China


Photo: Vitaly ANEC / RIA Novosti

The past few years, China is reforming of metallurgical, coal and the energy industry, striving thereby for the improvement of the ecological situation. Writes about this family-owned Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

It is noted that one of the key points of the reform, enterprises of housing and communal services and energy from coal to gas. Approved by the recently expanded three-year program provides for the reduction of coal consumption in 82 cities in China by 5-10% relative performance for the year 2016. According to the Director of the center for economic forecasting of Gazprombank Ayrat Khalikov, the reduction in coal consumption will lead to significantly lower prices to 2020-2021 years.

That China is reducing production and use of coal reported in 2016, economists from China, the UK and the USA. They noted that the use of coal reached a peak in 2013-2014 and since then began to decline.

Among the reasons of reduction of consumption of that natural resource scientists call the economic slowdown, the decline in the coal industry and economic policies for reducing dependence on fossil.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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