Old makeup expired ink and blind


Jose Manuel Ribeiro / Reuters

An elderly Australian woman went blind after she painted eyes with ink, which has been overdue for 20 years. About it reports The Independent.

Shirley Potter from Adelaide caused mascara to the lashes before going out in public with their daughters. The next morning the husband told her that her eyes are red and inflamed. According to the woman, shortly in both eyes she had severe burning, despite the fact that from birth she saw nothing and felt left eye.

Within a few months after a bad makeover, she continued to experience discomfort. Once on reception to the ophthalmologist, the woman learned that she had a serious eye infection which can, in particular, appear due to the use of expired cosmetics.

At this point she is almost blind and, according to forecasts, will completely lose vision in the next three years.

According to the publication, the shelf life of cosmetics for the eyes does not exceed six months. The expiration date is always indicated on the packaging and depends on the type of product.

In June it was reported compatriot Potter that never washed off cosmetics from the face. Due to the fact that the woman slept with applied eyelashes mascara, she crumbled, soaked in the sclera and mucosa of the eyelids and hardened. Small pieces of frozen cosmetics pierced the conjunctiva and scratching the cornea.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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