Women trust birth control app and got pregnant


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In Sweden women complained about contraceptive mobile app, as, according to them, it has not coped with the task. About it writes The Guardian.

According to the advertisement, Natural Cycles, monitors the menstrual cycle and fertility and predict the days when the probability of conception is zero. However, 37 of 668 patients who have had an abortion in one of the main hospitals in the country from September to December of 2017, was accused of aborted pregnancy it’s the application.

The Swedish authorities started checking. Representatives of the Natural Cycles confirmed that the number of unwanted pregnancies that occurred, presumably, due to the use of the application coincides with the number of his Swedish wearer.

Reportedly, a subscription to Natural Cycles is about 60 pounds. Each morning, the wearer needs to add data about the temperature of his body, and the application determines whether it is possible to conceive. It is noted that no side effects of this method of protection no. According to one of the victims, she was attracted to the ease of use: don’t need no pills, no condoms, no IUDs.

The company that developed the application, created by Elina and Raoul Berglund in Switzerland. At the moment Natural Cycles more than 700 thousand users.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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