Croats were accused of disrespect to the Ukrainian past


Irina Freefoto: Evgeny Kotenko / RIA Novosti

Ukrainian nationalist, a former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Irina Farion rebuked Croats in contempt of the Ukrainian past. She stated this on air of the Ukrainian “Fifth channel”. The video interview is available on YouTube.

“If in the world we were respected, it didn’t kick the player for the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!”. Even the Croats sent us” — she said, talking about the negative attitude towards Ukraine in the world.

According to fahrion, the inhabitants of the present territory of Croatia moved into the Balkan Peninsula from Ukraine in IV — VI centuries of our era and owe their name due to the historical homeland.

“I will soon be publishing a collection of articles by his supervisor in which he says, whence the ethnonym “Croat” is from our Horeb! (the name of one of the likely founders of Kiev — approx. “”), “—said the interlocutor of the channel.

The first scandalous video in which a defender of the football team of Croatia’s domagoj Vida in the company’s former teammate at Dynamo Kyiv and a member of the coaching staff Vukojevic said the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” appeared immediately after the victory of the Croats over team Russia in the quarterfinals of the world Cup. Later, the network appeared another video in which the defender of Croatian domagoj Vida is again the slogan of Ukrainian nationalists.

Of later apologized to the Russians and escaped with a warning from FIFA. Vukojevic also apologized, however he was expelled from the team and fined 15 thousand Swiss francs.

Irina Farion is known for controversial statements. So, she offered to “neutralize” the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. In July 2015 the Investigative Committee of Russia opened against her criminal case for incitement to murder and extremism.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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