Israel was taken from Syria of members of the “White helmets” at the request of the United States


Photo: Feras Domy via AP

Israel evacuated from Syria activists of the “White helmets” together with their families, at the request of the coalition led by the United States. This information in his microblog on Twitter confirmed a spokesman for the Israeli foreign Ministry Emmanuel Nachshon.

“At the request of the US, Canada and European countries, Israel completed a humanitarian operation to rescue members of the Syrian civil organizations (White helmets) and their families,” he wrote and said that people moved to a neighboring country.

The so-called “White helmets” — based in the UK rescue team, consisting of Syrians, who have passed special training abroad and existing at the expense of subsidies from the countries of the West. Earlier, the organization was known as the “Syrian civil defense”.

The Russian foreign Ministry, the activities of the White helmets was considered part of the “information campaign to demonize the government of Syria” and an example of “information carousel”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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