Russian “Nazi-Lord” in a Mexican prison was transformed into a priest-Conquistador


Alexei Makeyev (second from left)Photo: Mava Espectáculos / Facebook

Russian Alexey Makeev, the accused Mexican authorities of causing the death of a resident of Cancun, participated in the prison theatre production. About it writes El Universal.

Better known as “Russian Lord Nazi”, Makeev played the priest in the play “the Myths, troubles and mischief-makers” about the conquest of America by the Spaniards. Before the public he appeared thinner, short-haired, in monastic robes and with a cross in his hands.

In may 2017 Makeev several hundred people surrounded the house Makeyev and attacked him. One Mexican was wounded and died after the attack, the Russian was seriously injured. In the night of may 30, Makeev, after the failure of the operations was discharged from the hospital and placed under arrest, but later returned to the hospital.

The aggression of the locals Makeev caused by the fact that for no reason insulted people on the streets, including women and children, recorded their actions on video and posted to the Internet. In many videos he insulted Mexicans on racial grounds, waving a machete and showed a swastika on the head, for which he received his nickname.

Currently, Makeev waiting to go to court, which must decide whether the death of a local resident at the hands of Russian bad faith or he acted in self-defense.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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