The dog opened the Luggage compartment of the plane during the flight to Moscow


Photo: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

A passenger plane had to put extra on the approach to Moscow from-for a small dog. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to employees of the airport “Sheremetyevo”.

According to the Agency, on the approach to Moscow, the commander of the Boeing 737 from St. Petersburg reported the alarm is triggered opening of the Luggage compartment. The plane was at an altitude of about four thousand meters. During the emergency landing nobody has suffered. Ground personnel confirmed that the rear fold of the liner was open.

“During the inspection of the Luggage compartment revealed that the small dog wasn’t locked properly in the cage, got out of it in mid-flight, tore the inner lining of the boot and somehow provoked the triggering of the front flap of the Luggage compartment to the opening,” — said at the airport. The Luggage compartment is not fully opened, the dog was unable to climb and she was still alive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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