A man was arrested for a failed attempt to resurrect the dead


Photo: David Gray / Reuters

In Ethiopia have arrested a man after he failed to resurrect a dead man. On it informs “bi-Bi-si”.

Was getical Ayele, who called himself a prophet, has promised the family of the deceased a few days ago in a car accident Belay Betty to bring him back to life. To confirm his words he cited the story of Lazarus, whom Jesus raised up Christ.

Being together with relatives of the deceased to the cemetery, the prophet ordered to dig up the grave and open the coffin. Then he lay down on top of the corpse, and several times shouted, “Belay, Wake up!” This process several times tried to prevent a Church worker, however, relatives of Betty ran it.

Attempt to raise the dead failed. Then the false prophet tried to get away from the cemetery, but he was stopped by angry relatives: they attacked was Getical and started beating him.

The violence prevented the rescue at the scene of the incident to the police. Ayele was taken to the station. What punishment he faces, is not specified. It can be charged with desecration of the dead, in Ethiopia is a serious crime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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