Broke the spine parachutist relapsed


Photo: @em_carey

Australian Emma Carey (Emma Carey), who has a broken spine after a parachute jump, going to jump. This was reported by the newspaper Metro.

About five years ago a resident of the city Vic went to Switzerland, where during a parachute jump and landed on his stomach and was seriously injured. She broke her spine and shattered her pelvic bone. Cary was able to re-learn how to walk, but due to damage to the bladder and bowel, she is suffering from incontinence.

“Five years later I returned to Europe, to Switzerland, to the place where it all happened. I have no idea what this, I will cause”, she wrote in Instagram. Cary admitted that one thought about the trip caused her panic, but she decided to overcome her to let go of old fears.

She said that he scares her not even jump, and the return home, as it was after her life changed dramatically. She added that though she loves to travel, now it is given it is not easy, and she often refuses to travel at the last moment.

Cary is actively in the blog that tells about their disease and supports other people suffering from incontinence: “I Think that I don’t have any friends who would not see me wet myself. I tell people about it after about 10 minutes of knowing and shamelessly share photos of wet shorts with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. If you’re in control of your life and “weaknesses”, they will never take control over you.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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