Called facts about the Royal outfits


Elizabeth II (centre)Photo: Yui Mok / Reuters

The experts of etiquette told what the rules of dress must follow the Royal family. It is reported by The Sun.

For example, in Prince George, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton must always wear shorts in public, because it is believed that long trousers children go from middle-class provincials. “The Duchess of Cambridge needs to think not only about your attire but about the outfits of their children. When wearing them, it is obliged to consider the balance between the Royal and proletarian style,” said the specialist on etiquette William Hanson.

He also said that Queen Elizabeth almost always wears gloves due to practicality. According to him, the gloves prevent the transmission of germs, because during the day the Queen communicates with many people, and she often shake hands.

In addition, another expert Grant Harrold explained why Kate Middleton wears a tiara to a formal event. “According to tradition, the tiara on the head — a sign of permanence and a sign that the girl is already married and not looking for a companion. For men this was the obvious signal that it is not necessary to get acquainted with a girl,” explained Harold.

He also said that Dukes can wear jeans only in exceptional cases, for example when they walk their dogs.

In may, the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton was named provincial for the fact that he appeared at a Royal wedding in the pants. The four-year George came to the wedding of Prince William and Meghan Markle in miniature replicas of the uniforms of the British armed forces Blues and Royals, which also wore his father William and uncle Harry. Experts said that the choice of this costume for a child is quite understandable, but the clothes are too “adult” and “inhibits children’s innocence”.

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