Donkeys in the Egyptian zoo painted and gave zebras


Photo: A. Mahmoud Sarhan / Facebook

The owners of one of the zoos in Cairo deceived visitors, giving colored domestic donkeys for zebras. About it reports TV channel Extra News.

The fraud drew the attention of Egyptian grader Mohammed Sarhan, who came to the zoo for a tour. He noticed that the black bars melt into the muzzle of cloven-hoofed, as well as his torso. Looking closer, the student was surprised to find that dishonest owners of the zoo was decorated with domestic donkeys, widespread in Egypt, and pass them off as exotic animals.

It turned out that because of the established in the city hot weather, the paint flowed, and the characteristic color of Zebra disappeared right in front of the tenth. The young man took a picture of the animal and placed in the account on Facebook, prompting huge interest in the Arab media.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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