Fastest engine in the Universe



Physics, Purdue University (USA) created the world’s fastest artificial rotor, which is panteleiadou the nanoparticle. She spins in a vacuum at a speed of more than 60 billion rpm. About it reported in a press release on

“Dumbbell” was made of silicon dioxide and subjected to a high vacuum, i.e. a vacuum, for which the indicator free path of particles is much larger than the environment (for example, the distance between the chamber walls). The chamber pressure reached 0.06 Pascal. The researchers made a particle diameter of 170 nanometers to levitate in an optical trap created with a laser power of 500 milliwatts (mW). When the linear polarization of the light beam “dumbbell” vibrated, and when the circular is rotated with a frequency of over one gigahertz.

According to scientists, the rotor can be used as a supersensitive detector for a more accurate measurement of the gravitational constant and determining the density of the Earth. With the development of technology “dumbbell” can be useful to study the properties of the vacuum and quantum phenomena such as the formation of virtual particles.

A virtual particle is a quantum fluctuation, which is characterized by some properties of real particles. Its existence is determined by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which allows for violations of the law of conservation of energy during an extremely small time intervals. Virtual particles are the reason for the existence of the Casimir effect, where two uncharged body located close to each other, begin spontaneously to be attracted.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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