Google translate started to predict the end of the world


Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

Reddit users noticed that Google translator gives omens of the end of the world, if you ask him to translate simple words from a rare language into English.

For example, if 19 times to enter to translate the word dog and ask translate it from Maori, the service displays the following text: “On doomsday clock at three minutes to twelve. People and dramatic events, during which we live, indicate that we are approaching the end of the world and the return of Jesus.” The same translation is obtained by translating the word dog with Maori on Russian language.

Oddities are observed, if 25 times in a row to enter the service combination of letters ag. “As the name of God was written in Hebrew, it was written in the language of the Jewish nation” — provides an interpretation of Google translate.

Users got excited and started to look for meanings with the help of a program other absurd combinations. Someone tried to get the name Google-translator, breaking up sentences with spaces after every two letters (wh at is yo ur na me ro bo tm an). “At the end of the day you will be able to meet with me,” replied the translator with Somali to English.

On Twitter people were accused of the strange translations of ghosts and demons, the newspaper Reported. However, Reddit users are fond of Google translation, I think, that some translations can be taken from e-mails or personal messages that collects the search engine. In addition, any visitor of the website can suggest translations, by clicking on “Suggest an edit”.

In may, for the same reasons, in Google translator appeared insulting adherents of the theory of a flat earth.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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