In Russia, gasoline prices have fallen


Photo: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

Retail prices for gasoline in Russia fell again. This is evidenced by Thomson Reuters Kortes, who is quoted by TASS. In the period from 16 to 20 July the cost of AI-92 and AI-95 fell by an average of 4 and 9 cents, and 44.5 to 41.7 rubles per liter, respectively.

Hardest prices fell in the Volga and northwestern Federal districts — from 8 cents to rubles and 41.24 41.71 rubles per liter of AI-92, respectively. Mark AI-95 fell most strongly in the North Caucasus Federal district by 27 cents to 45.4 cents per liter.

Retail prices fall after wholesale, said Kortes. The average exchange cost per ton of AI-92 for the reporting period decreased by 2,025 rubles to 44,603 rubles per ton, the average exchange cost per ton of AI-95 over the same period has fallen in price on rouble 2,904 and $ 45,168 rubles per ton.

Also down went the price of diesel fuel during the reporting week fell by 4 cents per liter. The cost of aviation fuel, on the contrary, during the reporting period grew by 192 rubles and reached 57,858 rubles per ton.

On Friday, July 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a document that allows the government to sharply raise export duties on oil products, which should be an emergency tool in case of repetition of the spikes in gasoline prices.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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