The Briton was separated from her husband and became a bodybuilder


Photo: Vanessa Strike

A resident of the UK broke up with her husband, dramatically lost weight and became a body Builder. This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

Vanessa Strike (Strike Vanessa) was always fond of dancing and sports and had no problems with the figure. But her husband soon after the wedding got a job in Worcester 300 kilometres away from her hometown, and they had to move, as a result the woman began to eat to cope with stress. The British gained 40 pounds. She began very much to worry about appearance.

“It was a very difficult time for me. I moved away from my friends and family, a beloved dance school to a place where I knew no one, and eating your feelings”, she said. Strike admitted that the new job at the coffee shop eating muffins rejected, and then came home and cooked a three-course dinner.

She changed her lifestyle when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. “Then I assessed their condition and realized how heavy and unhealthy I have become. I was not happy with his appearance or psychological state, I loved the job and felt trapped in the marriage,” added the Briton.

Then the Strike began to practice. At first she did it home, as hesitate to go to the gym because of excess weight. The woman changed her diet and switched to sports nutrition, to not give up favorite foods like pizza with high protein content. She went to the gym four times a week, and soon she became a coach interested in bodybuilding and takes part in competitions.

Worcester has separated from her husband, but notes that no regrets about it, as she returned to “the old passion to life.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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