The Russians rebelled against the tax on Internet purchases


Photo: Sergey Konkov / “Kommersant”

More than 90 percent of Russians were not prepared to order the goods in foreign Internet stores, subject to the reduction in the threshold duty-free import up to 200 euros. This is stated in the research of holding “ROMIR”, the available “”.

According to the survey, 35 percent of respondents will abandon shopping, 22 percent will look for ways not to pay the fee, and 27 percent are already thinking about it. That new tax will not affect their consumer habits, said 9 percent of respondents.

The study authors noted that the opinion of Russians about the idea of lowering the threshold duty-free import divided. Negatively to the initiative reacted only 27 percent of Russians, in a positive way in favor of 20 percent.

Currently, the threshold duty-free e-shopping is a thousand euros a month, the weight of goods should not exceed 31 kilograms. When these values are exceeded, the fee will be 30% of the purchase price.

In recent months, various agencies have several times made proposals to tighten the rules. The Federal customs service has suggested to impose duties of 20 percent all purchases. The latest initiative came from the Ministry of Finance. It provides for a reduction in the threshold to 500 euros per month in 2019 and up to 200 Euro for 2020.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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