Baby with two faces was born in Indonesia


Frame: Daily Mail / YouTube

In Indonesia, the child was born with two faces and two brains, enclosed in one head. Reported by the Daily Mail.

A boy named Gilan of Indica (Gilang Andika) was born in the Indonesian city of Batam. At the age of two months. He has one body, two arms and two legs, but due to the fact that his twin brother could not develop in the womb, his head was deformed. This pathology is found in one of the 250 thousand cases.

The publication notes that deformation of the head and the presence of the brain and face twin brother puts a child’s life of danger in the mind accumulates excess fluid. Local doctors stated that can help parents in this situation. While the child remains in the hospital under the supervision of experts.

The mother of Gilan told that he did not know about the status of the son in the womb until birth. Woman three times were tested with ultrasound, but it showed nothing. The doctor looking after the child, said that parents were advised to go to the hospital in Jakarta with good facilities and top surgeons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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