Caught doping Russian Olympian pleads guilty


Photo: Peter Kovalev / TASS

The President of the Curling Federation of Russia (CFR) Dmitry Svishchev said Alexander krushelnitsky intends to plead guilty in the doping at the Olympic games in 2018 in the framework of the pre-trial agreement with the world Curling Federation (WCF). His words are quoted “R-Sport”.

“WCF was offered out of court to sign an agreement with the Federation and the athlete that we plead guilty and agree to a suspension for a period of two years. We decided that no point in persisting, probably not. Sasha no pressure is exerted, but he consciously decided to accept the offer WCF”, — said the head of the RKF.

According to Svishchev, the Federation intends to continue the investigation: “the Evidence if they are found, will be presented in court, and the period of Ineligibility may be reduced. If we get incontrovertible proof of our innocence, we have the right to insist on the justification of Alexander and then through the courts we have a chance to even return the medal. The odds are low, but they are.”

The agreement must be signed at the WCF conference in Budapest on 9 September.

Krushelnitsky paired with Anastasia Bryzgalova won the bronze medal at the Olympics-2018 in the discipline of double-mixed. Later WCF demanded to disqualify the Russians for four years for his doping sample traces of Meldonium. Krushelnitsky, and Bryzgalov was deprived of Olympic medals. The athlete insisted that he had not taken a prohibited drug. According to him, Meldonium he could have.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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