Chief Mouser of the British foreign office changed their tastes


Palmerstone: Rob Pinney / ZumaPress /

Cat named Palmerston of the British foreign Ministry got caught with a duck in its mouth. About it reports The Telegraph.

The chief Mouser of the Ministry of foreign Affairs has repeatedly caught during fights with Larry the cat from the office of the Prime Minister, but he previously showed no interest in birds. Palmerston crossed the street Whitehall, holding the teeth duck, which he managed to steal from under the nose of the mother between Downing street and the Park of St James.

According to the newspaper, the cat was seen with this production shortly after the new foreign Minister, Jeremy hunt, the appointment of which was announced on 9 July.

Palmerston was taken from a shelter BDCH in April 2016. The cat has his own Twitter account that is subscribed to more than 65 thousand users. His main rival is Larry living in Downing street, 10.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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