Dying six-year-old boy was asked to give their organs to the needy


Photo: Eugene Tanner / AP

Dying six-year-old boy from the English town of Lincoln donated his organs to save others ‘ lives. This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

William Coy (William Coy) fell from the window of his parents ‘ house on Tuesday 17 July. Immediately hospitalized, but after two days of struggle for life, the boy died.

It became known later that in that moment, when Hell was in conscious, he expressed his desire to become a posthumous donor can donate six organs. Friend of the family Laura Wilson (Laura Wilson) said that shortly before his death the boy and his mother watched a program about the donation. “He was always sensitive and kind and would love to know what helped other families to be happy again”, she added.

Another friend of Amy’s family Cache de Flores (Amy Cash de Flores) began to collect money to support the family of William. Some days she managed to save more than four thousand pounds (about 332 thousand).

In September 2017 it was reported about the dead girl from the UK whose organs saved the lives of eight people. According to the British health service, it became the country’s first organ donor who helped so many people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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