Google has withstood the blow of Europe


Photo: Mark Lennihan / AP

A record fine from the European Commission (EC) in the framework of the antitrust investigation was not reflected in the capitalization of Google, which managed to significantly exceed analysts and earn a record profit. It is reported by CNN.

It is noted that the Internet giant does not actually noticed five billion fine from the European authorities. Alphabet, the parent company Google faced a decline in its profits in the second quarter, but growth in sales helped her to withstand the blow.

Sale Alphabet for the quarter reached $ 32.7 billion and rose 26 percent compared with last year. These figures have been achieved thanks to the competent advertising policy of Google, including YouTube video ads and targeted advertising in the search engines. Advertising sales at Google was about $ 28 billion. For comparison, a year earlier profit of the company was USD 22.7 billion.

When the General Director of the Sundari Google Pichai at the conference with the analysts asked about the consequences of a fine for the company, he said that while “too early” to say. “We’re reviewing the decision,” he added.

The EC has fined Google, the “daughter” of the company Alpahbet, for violation of the Antimonopoly legislation of the European Union. According to the results of the investigation, the Commission came to the conclusion that an American company paid to manufacturers of smartphones in the preset search engine and browser by Google, creating an uncompetitive environment on the market and increasing their role in it.

The European Commission has ordered Google to pay a fine in the amount of five billion dollars and within 90 days to rectify the situation, giving manufacturers more freedom. Otherwise the company threatened to impose new sanctions.

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