MP criticized the Ukrainian champion Moustache for lack of patriotism


Vitaly Cuprite: Vitaly Cuprija page in Facebook

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vitaliy kupriy has criticized the Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik for lack of patriotism after the victory over the Russians by Murat Gassiev. His appeal to the sportsman he published in Facebook.

The MP congratulated the boxer with the victory, but noted that “the Patriotic Ukrainian community took this battle is ambiguous”.

“Expect a lot from you certain representations in the lair of the enemy that would encourage the aggressor to stop the war in Donbass, Ukraine return the Crimea, to release all political prisoners and prisoners of war and the like,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately, you did not mention Ukraine in his press conference after the fight, and immediately after the fight in the ring didn’t even thank your own people for support. And your belated gratitude in the network was obviously made under the pressure of public opinion,” added kupriy.

The Deputy also pointed to the fact that he knows about the involvement of the Mustache to the Orthodox movement “forty times Forty”, “controlled from Moscow”. “That’s why you think Russia is not the aggressor, and the brotherly Slavic people. And your arms with the Russian boxer — another reminder about it,” — said the MP.

“I am grateful to you that you did not object to the raising of the Ukrainian flag and national anthem sounding in the enemy’s rear. However, your consent to this battle in Russia, not Saudi Arabia as originally planned, provoked much discussion in Ukraine. Some people think that you just bought more attractive terms match, the higher the fee,” said the Deputy.

The Deputy asked the Ukrainian athlete to provide him information on whether he has citizenship of any other state and whether the Mustache its resident for tax purposes; if he could abandon the battle in Moscow and to hold it on neutral territory. Also kupriy asked what fee the Moustache had to get in the battle with Gassieva in Saudi Arabia and how much he got for the fight in Moscow.

The MP asked the athlete whether he plans to give part of the money Ukraine — for example, to direct them for needs of Armed forces of Ukraine, and also would like to know, does the Mustache need to comply with article 65 of Ukraine’s Constitution and its actions to protect the territorial integrity of the country “in the war with the Russian aggressor.”

22 Jul Mustache unanimous decision win Gassieva in a 12-round fight. Ukrainian became the winner of the world Boxing series, and the winner of four champion belts under versions of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and world Boxing Association (WBA), world Boxing organization (WBO) and world Boxing Council (WBC).

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the victory of the Mustache a symbol of Ukraine’s struggle. “The Ukrainian national anthem, which was made today in Moscow at the world, is a symbol of our struggle, bringing our victory. Ukraine is proud of you!” — he announced.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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