Popular flash mob with dancing in the car on the move acknowledged dangerous


Frame: Policia de Boadilla

Catalan police have warned people about the dangers of popular new Internet challenge #InMyFeelings, which has gained viral popularity in Spain. About it reports The Daily Mail.

The participants of the flash mob include a song by rapper Drake In My Feelings, jump out of the car on the move and start dancing. The driver records everything that happens on camera to post online.

Police believe that the mob is too dangerous because young people can seriously get hurt or killed. They called him crazy and asked users to refrain from execution if they do not want to face criminal liability.

“Adolescents should not perform challenge #InMyFeelings in the vehicle. The car is not a toy, use it responsibly,” wrote police on the official website of the Department.

In turn, the police of the city of Boadilla del Monte posted a tweet, which offered participants the challenge to “demonstrate their dancing skills with a parked car”. They also posted a video with the failed attempts of people who jumped out of cars on the move and injured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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