Restriction of rights alimony debtors called discrimination


Photo: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti

A bill to restrict access to child support debtors to the driver’s license called discriminatory and inefficient. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Interviewed by the Agency experts believe that the law will form a layer of social derelicts and the problem should be solved differently.

“I believe that to struggle with malicious defaulters of the alimony there are many tools that do not infringe the rights of specific social communities, social groups. I think this statement on the level of populism, which does not solve the problem as a whole”, — said the head of Federation of automobile owners of Russia Sergey Kanaev. He added that the restriction on registration procedure will be easy to circumvent, for example, through relatives.

Coordinator society “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov also criticized the initiative, opposing the principle that the end justifies the means. “I think this is a situation where good intentions paved the road in a certain direction. In the end we get a class of social outcasts who are deprived of the public services, freedom of disposition of property, which is a basic right, and then the fantasy will finish all for us,” he said.

Monday, July 23, it was reported that Russia is developing a law that will prohibit the debtors alimony to pass the driving exam. The Federal service of court bailiffs said that the debtors payment of debt should be a priority than getting the rights and the purchase of a car. FSSP head Dmitry Aristov noted that the debtors may lose other rights, in particular the denial of services or registration of the vehicle.

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