Russia accused of espionage against Germany


Photo: Timothy Izotov / “Kommersant”

Russia is among the three countries most active in spying on Germany. This is stated in the annual report of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution published Tuesday, July 24.

“Russia, China and Iran — the major players behind espionage activities against Germany. Other countries (including Western) are also involved in it”, — the document says.

As written by experts, Russian intelligence has invested heavily in surveillance, and the use of cyberspace and its scope has increased. It is noted that the attack affected all spheres, including politics and Economics, and special attention is paid to issues that relate directly to Moscow. In particular, the interest policy of Berlin into NATO and the EU, tensions in the relations between Europe and Turkey. The crisis in Ukraine, which was the first plan in 2014-2015 was overshadowed by other events, including the conflict in Syria, the report said.

It is noted that Russia is trying to influence public opinion in Germany. For this, the intelligence agencies use social networks, microblogs, state-sponsored and private institutions and the state media, the report said. Indicates that TV, radio and online publications carried out a targeted campaign of disinformation.

In March officials from Germany recommended not to take smartphones to the 2018 world Cup, which took place in Russia, because they could become targets of espionage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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