Seeking victims on the Internet the serial rapist was given a life


Photo: Cumbria police

A resident of great Britain Lee savage (Savage Lee) was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping at least three girls with whom he met on the Internet. Before the rapes 25-year-old savage, and humiliated their victims, claiming that punishes them, writes The Sun.

All victims of the savage were 20 years old. One of them was abused in my own home. The second girl he attacked and took her into the woods near the house. The third victim was raped by a man in his house. The pleas to stop savage replied: “Sorry, kid, you should know who’s in charge”.

The victims emphasize that the man kept saying that they should be held accountable and be punished.

According to judge James Adkin, first rape occurred less than four months after savage was convicted of sending private intimate photos of 13-year-old girl, with whom he talked in Facebook.

“You, in my opinion, a sexual sadist,’ said the judge, pronouncing a verdict. I believe you present a clear and imminent danger to young women, causing them serious harm because of your tendency to rape and humiliation”.

Savage was sentenced to life imprisonment. After 11 years of imprisonment, he will be able to apply on parole.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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