“The Iranian Angelina Jolie” has shown its real face


Photo: @sahartabar_offcial

A resident of Iran Sugar Tabar (Tabar Sahar), famous appearance, similar to a creepy version of Angelina Jolie, has published pictures, which showed the face without the excess makeup and photoshop. This was reported by the newspaper The Mirror.

Before you publish a photo, she often edited them, that “they came out funny”. 19-year-old Tabar called it a form of self-expression and creativity. In her Instagram she posted a few photos in which she is not in the image of the actress.

“I understand that I have similarities with Jolie, and with the heroine of the animated film “Corpse bride”, but I am my own Muse and don’t want to look like them,” she said.

At the end of November 2017, the media reported about the Iranian woman allegedly made 50 plastic surgery and lost weight up to 40 pounds for the appearance of actress Angelina Jolie. Later she admitted that he played the users of the network. Although she did do some plastic surgery, a frightening image she created with the help of cosmetics and photoshop.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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