The journalist of NTV has asked SC to verify a stand-up comedian over jokes about religion


Photo: Ivan Romanov / Cross personal page “Vkontakte”

Host of “the meeting Place” on NTV Andrey Norkin wrote to the Investigation Committee asking to check the activities of Russian stand-up comedian Daniel Cross. He wrote about this in his account in Facebook.

The journalist suspects the Cross in violation of the first paragraph 282-th article of the Criminal code (“inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity”). To his appeal he attached a video of stand-up performances posted in April 2017, where the Transverse joking over Orthodoxy and towards vegan, and talks about the case of Ruslan Sokolovsky. The blogger also raises the issue of the validity of Russian law on insulting the feelings of believers and calls from the stage to the Deputy Vitaly Milonova, threatening him.

“It seems to me absolutely unacceptable to the public dissemination of such beliefs, corrupting the minds of teenagers, who make up the target audience of the citizen Cross D. A. This is just “propaganda” in the negative sense of the word,” said Norkin.

In the description to the video added a disclaimer (written waiver of liability for consequences — Prim “”), where the blogger warns that the performance contains jokes about religion. “This program is not intended to insult anyone’s feelings, and also promotes absolutely nothing. It’s just a joke. Relax!” — wrote Cross.

On 19 July it was reported that Cross filed a lawsuit to Ukraine. The reason for this decision was a three-year ban of the security Service of Ukraine on the entry of comedian in the country where his family and friends. According to the comedian, he had contacted the security service of Ukraine, where it is assured that restrictions on entry will not. But later they “arbitrarily” canceled the permit without explanation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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