Thousands of Russians demanded to punish the axe who killed the kitten girl


Photo: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

The Internet began collecting signatures for the punishment of the girl, who killed with an axe a kitten in the Altai region. The petition on the website collected at the time of publication, more than five thousand signatures.

“How easy it is to hurt someone weaker than you and cannot fight back. The last time such cases are becoming more. This time the victim of unknown lady was the little kitty,” wrote the author of the petition Olga Tabor.

The appeal stated the name and place of residence 16 year old girl. Revaderchi was the daughter of the head of the Mikhailovsky village of Burlinsky district of Altai Krai Victor Strauch.

Earlier, on 23 July it became known that the inhabitant of the Altai territory was cut a kitten with an axe on deck for the chopping and sliced up with his knife, while her sister was filming the incident on camera and posted online. The whole movie girls laughing and talking to each other.

In August 2017 in Khabarovsk two girls and a young man convicted in the brutal killing of animals and sentenced to imprisonment. They killed Pets, fixing the process in photos and videos. The victims were chosen at posted online announcements on the transfer of the animals are in good hands. Found that girl killed at least 15 animals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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