USA strike on the car from Europe


Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters

The US President Donald trump has promised to impose duties on made in Europe cars, reports TASS. This will be done in the case if the negotiations with the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will not succeed.

“The EU takes a very tough stance against the United States. They [the EU] come to me on Wednesday and we’ll see if we can resolve this. Otherwise, we will have something to do with the millions of their cars they send here every year. But, maybe we can work something out,” said trump.

The main problems in the sphere of trade for the U.S. he said China, the agreement North American free trade area (NAFTA) and “justice in the WTO”. Also the head of the White house again criticized the policy of his predecessors, calling their commitment to the principles of the free market pursuit of “stupid trade”. “We will not allow” — said the President.

Previously, trump has already talked about the possibility of imposing a 20 percent duty on European cars, if Brussels cancels the barriers against American companies and goods.

On 22 July, the Minister of economy and Finance of France, Bruno Le Mayor stated that a trade war threatens the entire world economy and urged the US to respect its allies in the European Union.

On 1 June, the U.S. imposed a 25 percent duty on steel imports and 10 percent on imported aluminium. In response, the European Commission imposed a 25 percent tariff on some American goods, including corn, Bourbon, jeans and motorcycles.

June 15, Washington imposed the restrictions against China and its products a total volume of 50 billion dollars a year. Beijing responded to the same measures on American goods at $ 34 billion. A month to the list of American changes were accompanied by a 10% duty on goods from China with a volume of $ 200 billion.

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