Children’s writer called boxer Cirrus a coward and “Vatan”


Alexander Picpot: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik is a weakling, a coward and “specific Vatan”. This broadcast “Oboz TV,” said children’s writer Larissa Nicoi.

“For me, the Mustache is just a coward. Yes, he skillfully waving his fists, he is a professional in his fists, but he’s a coward. Coming to the ring, he can have the whole world to say “Glory to Ukraine!” but this is not done,” said Nicoll.

In the opinion of the writer, the output of the Tendril with a Ukrainian flag on fight in Moscow was not an act of patriotism on his part. “The Ukrainian flag — a common attribute of any competition, all the athletes come out with Ukrainian flags. But to say Bandera slogan, the slogan of the Maidan, the slogan of all independent of free Ukrainians in the lair of the enemy, that takes courage,” she said.

After the victory over the Russians by Murat Gassiev Mustache could, in the opinion Nicoi, demanding freedom for “Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia.” “It is one thing to fight with fists, to be good in battle, another to be a brave man. He’s not just a coward, he is also Vatan specific. When asked about Crimea, he said “Crimea is Crimea”, asking what Church I go to, and he is a parishioner of the Moscow Church, he had in mind the “Russian world”… Cotton is a coward,” said Nicoll.

22 Jul Mustache unanimous decision win Gassieva in a 12-round fight. Ukrainian became the winner of the world Boxing series, and the winner of four champion belts under versions of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and world Boxing Association (WBA), world Boxing organization (WBO) and world Boxing Council (WBC).

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the victory of the Mustache a symbol of Ukraine’s struggle. “The Ukrainian national anthem, which was made today in Moscow at the world, is a symbol of our struggle, bringing our victory. Ukraine is proud of you!” — he announced.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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