German children were offered to play the soldiers of the Third Reich


Image: Cobi

In the center of Berlin began to sell children’s play sets with tanks, war machines and soldiers of the Third Reich. It is reported by the Berliner Zeitung.

Toys can be found in the Department of computer games in the shopping centre on Alexanderplatz. In particular, the shelves are five sets with Nazi war machines, including aircraft. It is noted that for toys original title: “Tiger”, “Jagdpanther” and “Powerbroker”. The packaging shows pictures of the originals with information about their origin and period of production.

Figures dressed in black uniforms that were previously worn by the soldiers of the Wehrmacht and the SS, while it even shows the famous emblem of the Third Reich, but without the swastika. The outfit also no skulls and lightning SS, as it is prohibited by the German Constitution.

As the newspaper notes, the owner of the shop, learning about the incident, demanded to immediately remove these toys from the shelves. While some sellers say they do not understand the claims, since the existence of the Third Reich is part of the history of the country, and the store sold and “more dangerous toys, such as the brutal shooting”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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