Israel spoke about Russia’s reaction to the shot down a Syrian su-22


Photo: Ariel Schalit / AP

Russia expressed a protest to Israel after over the territory of the Jewish state has been shot down a Syrian su-22. This publication reports Maariv.

According to his source in political circles, the Russian side in the course of contacts have provided evidence, including footage from the radar, which was recorded invasion of fighter jets in Israeli airspace. It was noted that the pilot of the su were given a chance to return to the territory of Syria.

Reportedly, after explaining the protest was withdrawn. At the same time official statements about it with any of the parties was not.

The plane was shot down in missile strike on 24 July. In the fighter, which went to two kilometers deep into the airspace of Israel to the North of the country launched two missiles Patriot. It was reported that the pilot of the plane died: he was not ejected, so as not to be captured.

Later that same day, the Israeli authorities explained their actions. According to the representative of the army, warning that foreign aircraft were not included in the country’s airspace without permission, repeatedly sounded during the day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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