Named way to prevent vision loss


Photo: Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

Scientists at University College London and Imperial College London came to the conclusion that the pigment curcumin, contained in turmeric, can be used for effective treatment of glaucoma at an early stage. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXress.

Researchers have developed a new method for delivery of curcumin, which, as shown, protects ganglion cells (neurons of the retina) from damage. For this was created by nanoparticles which contain the pigment associated with safe for human surfactant and a stabilizer. This allows the use of curcumin in the composition of eye drops, not oral pills that need to be taken in large quantity because of the poor solubility of the pigment and which can cause gastrointestinal poisoning.

It is shown that a new delivery method increases the solubility of curcumin is 400 thousand times, and the pigment is localized in the ocular tissues, and is not posted with the blood throughout the body. In rats suffering from glaucoma, the use of the drops for three weeks caused a decrease in the rate of retinal degeneration. In addition, the researchers noted no unwanted side effects.

Glaucoma is called ocular diseases in which inside the eye increases the pressure, which ultimately leads to atrophy of the optic nerve, reduced visual acuity and blindness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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