The clerk three years, was sleeping in the workplace


Photo: Gus Ruelas / Reuters

An employee of the Department of motor vehicles us state of California is constantly slept on the workplace. This publication reports The Sacramento Bee.

Witnesses told investigators that every day she came to the office, fell asleep and did not awaken for at least three hours. From February 2014 until December 2017 she spent the rest of about 2.2 thousands of hours of working time.

The woman explained office sleep disease. In 2016, her doctor advised the institution that she cannot perform former duties. The employee is given another position, but she continued to go to work and sleep.

Her co-workers repeatedly complained to the authorities, but reactions has not followed. The woman continues to work at the DMV and still asleep.

In 2017, it was reported that the authorities of the Californian city of San Francisco found that the cleaner metro managed to get hundreds of thousands of dollars for overtime, most of the time prekladaci in the back.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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