The girl ate unwashed fruit and got infected with brain parasites


Frame: Caters Clips / YouTube

In the brain of the Indian girl who ate unwashed fruit, settled hundreds of larvae of worms. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Eight-year-old resident of new Delhi whose name the parents chose to hide, suddenly began to suffer from unbearable migraines and epileptic seizures. The girl showed the doctors, they suspected she had a cyst and prescribed a high dose of steroids. But the medication made the child worse: her pain is not gone, she’s gained 20 pounds and lost the ability to walk. Also, the child started breathing problems.

Six months later, the desperate parents took her to another doctor. The brain scan showed that the child is suffering from cysticercosis of the brain, that is in her head are the larvae of the pork tapeworm. The doctors believe that the girl had contracted them, or from unwashed fruits and vegetables or undercooked pork. In the intestine the larvae penetrated the intestinal wall and in the bloodstream reached the brain.

The child drank a course of medicines to reduce edema and destruction of larvae. Soon the girl began to move, lost weight and went back to school.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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