The name of the new danger of sugar


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Scientists from Columbia University found that adding two and a half spoons of sugar in tea increases the risk of developing senile dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The conclusions of the experts was presented at the International conference of the Association for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease in Chicago. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The study involved 2226 people who had no signs of dementia. Among the volunteers conducted a survey in which they indicated whether they added sugar in food and beverages and in what amount. Thus at 429 for seven years developed Alzheimer’s disease.

It turned out that the people who daily are adding 30.3 grams of sugar in the food, hydrocyanic risk of dementia increases by 33 percent compared to those who consume 5.8 grams of sugar per day. The scientists also showed that fans of sugary drinks, including punches and fruit juices, is 27 percent more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s and is constantly drinking sweetened sodas — 54 percent.

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