Torture in the Yaroslavl colony came to the UN


Photo: Sergey Metelitsa / TASS

The Committee against torture, the UN has asked Russia to comment on the videotaped torture of a convicted Evgeniya Makarova in Yaroslavl IK-1, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”. On Thursday in Geneva to consider the report of Russia on the fight against torture and unacceptable treatment of people. The delegation was headed by Deputy Minister of justice Mikhail Galperin.

“Please comment on the video, and who is investigating and when it will be completed,” — said the Chairman of the Committee against torture of the UN Jens Modvig. The Russian delegation will present their answers on Thursday, July 26.
Modvig also asked what security guarantees provided by the lawyer of the human rights Fund “Public verdict” Irina Biryukova. She left Russia because of threats after the dissemination of the video.

July 20 “the New newspaper” has published a video in which employees of the Yaroslavl colony tortured the prisoner. In the video more than 10 people in the form of a long and methodically beat on the feet handcuffed and bound to a table man, sprinkled his head with water from a bucket. The incident occurred last summer.

The alleged reason for the torture was disrespectful to one of the employees of the institution on the part of the victim. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case about excess of powers of office. Were arrested six suspects, another 17 members of the colony was suspended. July 25, the court had arrested five defendants in the case.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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