The perpetrators of the explosion at the President of Venezuela has revealed himself


Photo: Fernando Llano / AP

The Venezuelan armed group “Flannel soldiers” (Soldados de Franelas) took responsibility for the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro. Representatives of the organization wrote in his Twitter.

According to them, they used two drone loaded with C4 explosives. However, machines are unable to reach the presidential box, as it was shot down by snipers. “We’ve shown that they [the government] are vulnerable, today our goal has not been achieved, but it is only a matter of time,” said the group.

Group “Flannel soldiers” has positioned itself as the Union of all forces of resistance against the government Maduro. The most famous member of the armed group was Oscar Perez fired in June 2017 the Supreme court building and the interior Ministry in Caracas. In December, the rebel soldiers took responsibility for the seizure of the Venezuelan army barracks in the state of Miranda. In January 2018 he together and the six participants of the “Flannel soldiers” was shot by Venezuelan security forces.

Maduro was re-elected to the highest office in may 2018, for it gave 68 percent of the vote.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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