Predicted a massive rise in smartphones because of iPhone


Photo: Issei Kato / Reuters

Smartphone makers will begin to raise prices on their devices after the success of iPhone X. this writes CNET.

According to analysts, the Apple experience has shown that consumers are willing to pay for the smartphone more than a thousand dollars. Manufacturers justify higher prices and increase the cost of development, improve the quality and the purchase of expensive components. Analysts believe, if it depended solely on increasing the cost of components, prices would not be so sharp.

“Of course, I agree that the rise in prices to a small extent associated with the increase in the cost of components and complexity of the manufacturing process… but not on this scale — the analyst CCS Insight Ben wood (Ben Wood). — When Apple introduced the iPhone X thousands of dollars, they rendered a great service to the entire industry. This gave the other manufacturer more opportunities.”

So, in recent years, the initial price of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S has increased by 15 percent, Huawei P — 33 percent. The sharp jump seen in smartphones OnePlus: in 2016, their flagship rose by 32.6 per cent in the US and to 42.6 in England. After the release of iPhone X the rise may continue, analysts say.

“As sharply increasing dependence on smartphones, and increases the quality components required to meet high performance requirements,” — said the representative of the OnePlus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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